Categories of Stuff

Penny ArcadeRandom Acts of Code I've had LOTS of hobbyist code projects on the burners over the 20 some odd years of my coding career, here are a few that surfaced.

Liars DiceiPhone Game Developement The chance to sell programs to every iPhone user for the low cost of learning Objective C? Sign me up for some of that!

Chess DemoXNA Game Developement A free game development platform and you can sell your games to XBox users? Sign me up for some of that!

The RingThingFun With Flash I endeavored to teach myself Flash and Actionscript 3, these objects where the results.

Ray Tracing3D Raytracing For a number of years I entered the Internet Ray Tracing Competition (IRTC) hosted by the POV-Ray team but open to any rendering engines. Here are some of my entries and how they were made.

Lost DutchmanRoller Coaster Simulations I've built a couple of large, detailed and heavily themed roller coaster simulations using the NoLimits simulator and a lot of custom 3D modeling.

What? Why?

I'm a creative guy, and code is my medium. I'm always wanting to create worlds, games, stories... stuff. To this end I also always want to know how things work and how things can be done better; How does bump mapping work? Is query or object caching better? How do you simulate physics? Is MVC really much better than CGI style page serving? What is Cloud Computing? What's up with iOS?

On these pages are presented a selection of projects seeking to answer these questions that progressed far enough to have demonstrable results. Or, against all odds, were actually completed!

(it's worth noting that these pages are, in themselves, one of those projects)