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This is a generic, ugly, raw HTML link page.

It's sole purpose is to allow you to go elsewhere, as such it has a massive inferiority complex and self esteem issues. So please say only nice things to it, caress it lovingly with your mouse and gaze upon it fondly.

Otherwise one day it may snap and things could get ugly.
You never know.

Right now there is a very limited number of places you can go.

I've started an open source project offering a simple JAVA MVC platform called MidwayMVC

I wrote a screensaver using physics and 3d graphics you can get here

And I recently wrote a simple chess game at, its called Simply Chess, the AI for it is my current free time obsession (along with playing Bioshock)

All of these are related to Povray:

This is a page for the first image I created for the IRTC. I still really like it but it didn't show well.

This is the second image I entered and my best so far. It placed 11th which really irks me because I KNOW if I'd spent the time on it that it deserved I could have broke the top 5. My own damn fault.

The third one, put together in like 8 hours. Not my best but I'm kinda fond of it.

The fourth one, it was to be a showcase for the Povray patch below, but time ran short. It still turned out well I think.

Now I'm working making a patch for Povray itself, allowing function based distortions to non isosurfaces. Big fun.

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